Kenton Celebrates Foundation Day by Initiating Mike Milford

EA Degree - Mike Milford - Official Pose

happy 106th, Kenton Lodge! Read more about Mr. Milford's degree through the link below.

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Kenton Makes Ironblood its Newest Master Mason

MM Degree - James Elam - Official Pose

Brother Ironblood becomes the second Master Mason to be raised at Kenton this year. Read more through the link below.

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Kenton Lodge Finally Initiates Joshua Rosser

EA Degree - Joshua Rosser - Official Pose

Kenton initiates its fourth candidate for the year. More info through the link.

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Jordan Hardy Finally Becomes a Fellowcraft

FC Degree - Jordan Hardy - Official Pose

Brother Jordan Hardy finally becomes a Fellowcraft and the lodge tries a few new things. Read more through the link below.

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Larry Linstrom: Kenton’s Newest Fellowcraft

FC Degree - Larry Linstrom - Official Pose

Kenton performs its first Fellowcraft Degree of the year by passing Brother Larry Linstrom.

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Magic Joe Becomes a Master Mason

MM Degree - Joe Andres - Official Photo

It's been a long time coming, Brother Andres. Congratulations!

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Eric Pease: Kenton’s Last Entered Apprentice Mason for the Quarter

EA Degree - Eric Pease - Official Pose

Exciting things happened at Kenton last night. Read more through the link below for the details.

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Kenton Starts Off February’s Degrees by Initiating Mr. Mehrafarin

Entered Apprentice Degree - Rostam Mehrafarin - Official Pose

Entered Apprentice Degree No. 2 is in the books! Click on the link below for more.

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Logan Stark: Kenton’s first Entered Apprentice Degree for the year

Entered Apprentice Degree - Logan Stark - Official Pose

It's been a long time coming, Brother Stark! Welcome to the fold.

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Kenton Initiates Ed Menashe

Entered Apprentice Degree - Ed Menashe - Official Pose

The lodge performs its final degree of the year by conferring the Entered Apprentice Degree.

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