Kenton Holds July Stated Meeting

Posted on July 11, 2020

Boom! Kenton's back for a one-night engagement before declaring to go dark for the rest of the summer season. Read more through the link.

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July Stated Meeting - Official Pose

Kenton Holds March Stated Meeting; Presents WB Piazza with His Past Master’s Portrait

Posted on March 13, 2020

After waiting for two and a half months, WB Piazza finally receives his past master's portrait. Honored Brother Doug Auld surely didn't disappoint; his most recent work was well worth the wait.

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PM portrait - official

Derek Shaw: Kenton’s Newest Fellowcraft

Straight after visiting Beaverton Lodge no. 100 to witness their Fellowcraft Degree last week, the brothers at Kenton decided to perform their own rendition of the Fellowcraft Degree for one of their own, this time for Brother Derek Shaw. The evening started with an Entered Apprentice proficiency examination for both Brother Shaw and Brother David Crymer. Both were declared proficient by WB Ian Cawley. Afterwards, the brethren conferred ...

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FC Degree - Derek Shaw - Official Pose

Kenton Visits Beaverton Lodge no. 100

Posted on February 21, 2020

The Kenton Tribe made their first lodge visitation of the year by visiting Beaverton Lodge no. 100. More about it through the link.

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Visitation - Beaverton 01

Kenton Passes Kyle Cisco to Fellowcraft

Posted on January 31, 2020

Kenton hosts its second degree of the year by performing the Second Degree on Brother Kyle Cisco.

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FC Degree - Kyle Cisco - Portrait

Zack Andrew: Kenton’s First Master Mason for the Decade

Posted on January 24, 2020

Deuxième Année sees its first Master Mason and the first Kenton Master Mason of the decade with Brother Zack Andrew's raising. Learn more through the link.

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MM Degrree - Zack Andrew - Official Pose

Kenton Holds Officers Training; Attends Secretary’s Seminar

The third week of January proved to be a busy training week for the Kenton Brothers. More info through the link.

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Robert M. Richmond Memorial Library

Deuxième Année’s First Stated Meeting Now in the Books

Posted on January 13, 2020

WB Ian Cawley's first stated meeting went off without any big hiccups. Read more about this year's inaugural stated meeting through the link.

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2020 pillars - unofficial

Kenton Starts Off 2020 with Entered Apprentice Proficiency Examination

WB Ian Cawley hits the ground running with a first Thursday meeting packed with a little bit of everything. Read more about what transpired through the link.

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EA Proficiency Examination - Kyle Cisco

Kenton Installs 2020’s Corps of Officers; Celebrates WB Piazza’s Successful Year

The Kenton brothers had high expectations for this year's installation celebrations, and the organizers didn't disappoint. Check out the photos and the videos through the link.

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installation 2019 - passing