Kenton Adds New Entered Apprentice with Abraham Haskins-Murphy

Posted on July 6, 2022

Last Thursday, the brethren of Kenton conferred the Entered Apprentice Degree upon Mr. Abraham Haskins-Murphy in a ceremony that was true to Kenton’s traditions and culture.

The evening was headed by honored Brother Blake Presswood, Junior Warden of the lodge, who opened the lodge due to the absence of the Worshipful Master and the Senior Warden. His inaugural role as Worshipful Master pro-tempor√© was lauded by many in attendance as exceptionally performed and gave a clear indication of honored Brother Presswood’s preparation for the Oriental Chair, which the lodge expects him to assume sometime in the future.

Honored Brother Presswood was not the only one who was making waves during the evening. Also performing as Senior Deacon for the first time was honored Brother Zack Andrew, current Senior Steward of the lodge. A longtime friend of Mr. Haskins-Murphy, honored Brother Andrew delivered a near-flawless performance that brought credit to several days of practice.

WB Joey Piazza also made a rare appearance as he sat as Worshipful Master for the first section. WB Dale Palileo, Grand Orator, gave the lecture and the charge while WB Ian Cawley, Grand Organist, sat as organist for the evening.

During the post-degree celebrations, honored Brother Presswood inspired the brethren in attendance with a reminder of the lodge’s commitment to exceptional degree work and thanked all the officers in attendance for their efforts in making Mr. Haskins-Murphy’s evening a truly memorable one.


EA Degree - Abraham Haskins-Murphy - Congratulations

EA Degree - Abraham Haskins-Murphy - Official Pose

EA Degree - Abraham Haskins-Murphy - Kenton Pose

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