Kenton ends month on a high note with Justin Brandt Master Mason Degree

Posted on December 1, 2018

As a fraternity, the raising of a new Master Mason is always something that warrants celebration and recognition. It’s an important event in a brother’s Masonic career because it opens up a new level of experiences, knowledge and responsibilities: barring certain restrictions, he can now vote, join other Masonic bodies, assume certain roles and even become part of the officer corps.

It is such a turning point that conferring the degree requires the most amount of effort and manpower from the lodge and more so if the degree is to be done well and to the level of quality that members of the lodge traditionally expect.

Such was the case last night as the members of the lodge raised Brother Justin Brandt to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason.

WB Robert Hopkins was one of the visitors for the evening, along with Brother Mitch Pennell, current Senior Deacon at Willamette Lodge no. 2.

Brother Brandt, who was passed to Fellowcraft last month, gave a great rendition of the Fellowcraft proficiency two days prior to his Master Mason degree. His raising also concludes the lodge’s Master Mason Degree month; the lodge will now look forward to a heavy December schedule, highlighted by its annual installation of officers on December 15th.


MM Degree - Justin Brandt - Official Pose

MM Degree - Justin Brandt - Kenton Pose

MM Degree - Justin Brandt - 01

MM Degree - Justin Brandt - 02

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