A Busy Saturday for the Kenton Brothers

Posted on November 12, 2019

While it’s fairly common for Kenton brothers to meet during the weekend for a variety of reasons — be it golf, hunting, or just for a cigar — this past weekend saw a different focus that underscored Kenton’s current mission under WB Joseph Piazza of being of assistance to Oregon Freemasonry.

The weekend started with the Kenton Horde visiting Sunnyside Lodge no. 163 during their November stated meeting. The visit was a homecoming of sorts for WB Piazza, who was raised at Sunnyside and held the office of Junior Deacon before assuming a more active role at Kenton. There were also other reasons for the visit: Honored Brother Senior Warden Ian Cawley and the rest of the Kenton brothers in attendance were determined to reclaim the traveling gavel that was surrendered to Sunnyside during their visit earlier this year. The horde also wanted to show support for the lodge’s incoming set of officers for 2020, which included WB Piazza being elected to the office of Senior Warden. WB Piazza will be serving along Sunnyside Brothers Steve Becker and Sean Carver, who were elected to serve as Worshipful Master and Junior Warden, respectively.

Afterwards, a smaller contingent of Kenton brothers trekked down to Lebanon to assist East Linn Lodge no. 44 with their Entered Apprentice Degree. WB Dale Palileo gave the lecture, with Brothers Ryan Whittenburg, Manase Salema and BFC Zack Andrew in attendance.

The lodge now looks forward to its own stated meeting on the 14th of November, when honored Brother Cawley is expected to be elected to the Oriental Chair for the ensuing Masonic Year. RWB Tom Binkerd, District Deputy for District no. 4 is also expected to make his official visit. As a rare treat, WB Moises Gomez, Grand Historian of the Grand Lodge of New Jersey will also be in attendance to give one of his famous talks as part of the evening’s Masonic education.


Kenton Visit to Sunnyside Lodge no. 163 - Official Photo

Kenton Horde at Sunnyside Lodge no. 163

Kenton Brothers arriving at East Linn Lodge no. 44

East Linn Lodge no. 44  EA Degree - Official Pose

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