A New Cadre of Fellows-of-the-Craft Mentors Emerges

Posted on March 31, 2023

Mentorship plays a crucial role in the growth and development of new Members within the Masonic Fraternity. To enhance their skills as mentors and foster the success of the Westgate Experience, the Brethren of Kenton Lodge gathered for a study night dedicated to becoming certified in the Fellows-of-the-Craft (FOTC) program. The evening was filled with learning, camaraderie, and fellowship, as the brothers came together to explore the wealth of resources offered through Grandview and strengthen their ability to guide new Masons on their journey.

The Fellows-of-the-Craft Certification: Empowering Master Masons

The FOTC program is designed to teach Master Masons how to efficiently utilize the comprehensive materials available through Grandview in order to effectively mentor new members from the moment they become Entered Apprentice Masons, all the way through to achieving proficiency as Master Masons. This certification is a key component of the Westgate Experience, an initiative being developed by the Grand Lodge to promote a more enriching and fulfilling Masonic journey for every new Brother.

A Night of Learning and Growth

The Brethren were honored to receive guidance from the current Grand Orator of the Jurisdiction,  Worshipful Brother Dale Palileo, who was instrumental in updating the program and providing invaluable instruction. His passion for Masonic education and mentorship, along with his extensive knowledge and experience, were evident throughout the evening, as he shared insights and best practices to empower the Brethren in their mentoring roles. His involvement in the FOTC program has significantly enriched the experience for the Members – both those who are learning to make use of this program and those in the future who will be guided by this new cadre of FOTC mentors. The Brethren are truly grateful for WB Palielo’s dedication and leadership in this important aspect of the Fraternity.

During the study night, the Brethren present immersed themselves in the FOTC program, working together to understand the various resources and mentoring techniques provided through Grandview. The Brothers engaged in lively discussions, shared their experiences, and exchanged valuable insights, all while fostering a supportive learning environment. The FOTC certification process not only equipped the brethren with the tools and knowledge necessary to serve as effective mentors but also reinforced the importance of providing guidance and support to new members as they navigate their Masonic journey.

After the study session, the brethren continued the evening by enjoying each other’s company and indulging in some well-deserved fellowship.  This time allowed them to further strengthen their connections and celebrate the shared commitment to fostering growth and development in the Masonic community.

The night was a resounding success; the Brethren came together to refine their mentorship skills, to contribute to the success of the Westgate Experience, and to revel in the strong friendships that have come to exist among Brothers. As these Brothers continue to apply the knowledge and skills gained through the FOTC program, they will not only enhance their own Masonic journey but also provide invaluable guidance and support to the future generations of Masons. In doing so, they ensure the continued success of the Brotherhood and the propagation of the timeless values of Freemasonry.

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