An Intimate Evening for Brother Fellowcraft Blake Presswood

Posted on May 27, 2016

A familiar place. Familiar faces. A different degree.

This was what Brother Fellowcraft Blake Presswood experienced last night as he was passed to the degree of Fellowcraft. The lodge performed an excellent degree spearheaded by Honored Brother Sami Aldrete assuming the Oriental Chair for the second time in two weeks.

But the evening was not without brothers trying on new roles for the first time. Brothers Doug Auld and AV performed Junior Deacon and Junior Steward duties respectively, with Brother AV also giving the charge for the evening.

While the degree ended relatively early, lively discussions and agape went well through the evening and through the better part of 12 AM.

Brother Presswood is now the third brother to receive the Fellowcraft Degree at Kenton for the year.

Again, congratulations, Brother Fellowcraft Presswood!

FC - Blake Presswood

FC - Blake Presswood - Kenton Pose

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