AV: From EA to FC

Posted on November 20, 2015

Masons will know what the abbreviations in the title mean (save except for the AV part for privacy reasons) and that’s exactly what happened last night as we passed Brother AV to the Fellowcraft Degree.

While the evening was sparsely attended, the attending brethren witnessed and performed a great rendition of the Second Degree for the candidate. Many thanks to the following brethren for their assistance:

  • WB John Becker of Sunnyside Lodge No. 163
  • Brother Steven Becker of Sunnyside Lodge No. 163, sitting in as Chaplain
  • Brother Bryan Tranel of Friendship Lodge No. 160, sitting in as Senior Deacon

The next Fellowcraft Degree is scheduled for the third week of December, with Brother Douglas Auld as candidate.

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