Congratulations, Brother Fellowcraft Milford

Posted on August 18, 2017

While the weather in Portland has certainly cooled, spirits were high last night at Kenton Lodge as the brethren passed Brother Mike Milford to the Fellowcraft Degree.

His degree was preceded by his Entered Apprentice proficiency prior to the evening’s actual event, which he delivered to the lodge’s expectations.

The degree was also made special by Brother Ivan Mancinelli-Franconi’s superb harp playing that accompanied Worshipful Brother Mike Benson’s traditional chant for the circumambulation.

Another worthy note for the evening was the official introduction of the lodge’s newest challenge coin, designed by honored Brother Doug Auld. The creation of the coins were facilitated by honored Brother Hunter Bronson. Last night’s initial coin offering drew huge interest from the brethren that about half of the total supply was already accounted for by the end of the evening.


challenge coins

FC Degree - Mike Milford - Kenton Pose

FC Degree - Mike Milford - Official Pose

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  • Ivan Mancinelli-Franconi
    August 18, 2017 (10:11 pm)

    Congratulations to our brother for his advancement in the craft. It was a wonderful experience seeing the officers deliver their parts in this important step in the life of a fellow brother as he becomes another link in the unbroken chain of international Masonic brotherhood. Congratulations!

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