Congratulations, Brother Keirsey!

Posted on February 23, 2019

The initiation of a new Entered Apprentice Mason is always an event that most Masons look forward to witnessing. It’s a time when brothers welcome a new addition to the fold; a new link in the fraternal chain that includes the likes of George Washington, Voltaire, and many other notable names in history.

Last night’s Entered Apprentice Degree at Kenton Lodge was certainly no different. The event was made special not only because it was the lodge’s first Entered Apprentice Degree conferral for the year but also due to a few brothers trying out new roles during the ceremony.

Most notable of all was honored Brother Blake Presswood assuming the role of Senior Deacon — a special request due to his strong personal connection with now-BEA Keirsey.

With honored Brother Presswood assuming Senior Deacon duties, honored Brother Ryan Whittenburg — the lodge’s current Senior Deacon — assumed the Western Chair for the first time. Honored brother Ian Cawley performed the duties of the East, with WB Joseph Piazza sitting in as Junior Steward alongside honored Brother Valan Primus.

Visiting brothers Korey Kearney and Bill Ponce from Gresham Lodge no. 152 were in attendance as well as lodge regular WB Robert Hopkins from Friendship Lodge no. 160.

Brother Keirsey’s degree will be followed by a Fellowcraft Degree for BEA Matt Thomas next week.


EA Degree - Zach Keirsey - Official Pose

EA Degree - Zach Keirsey - Kenton Pose

EA Degree - Zach Keirsey - Miscellaneous 01

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