Congratulations, Brother Lucas

Posted on June 30, 2018

Despite the absence of WB Sami Aldrete, the lodge welcomed Mr. Carl Lucas as an Entered Apprentice last night in a ceremony spearheaded by honored Brother Senior Warden Joey Piazza. Honored Brothers Ryan Whittenburg and Hunter Bronson, Historian and Tiler of the lodge respectively, assumed the West and South throughout the entire degree.

Brother Lucas’ degree wasn’t the only highlight of the evening. Brother John Giler, who was initiated late last year, delivered his proficiency in the lecture of the Entered Apprentice Degree immediately after Brother Lucas’ initiation. He was declared proficient by honored Brother Joey Piazza and is scheduled to have his Fellowcraft Degree on the last Thursday of July.


EA Degree - Carl Lucas - Official Pose

EA Degree - Carl Lucas - Kenton Pose

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