David Crymer: Kenton’s Last Entered Apprentice for 2019

Posted on November 22, 2019

After having a very busy schedule these past two weeks, the brothers at Kenton 145 decided it was time for Mr. David Crymer to receive the Entered Apprentice Degree last night.  The degree was headed by WB Joseph Piazza in what many members believe to be his last degree conferral as Worshipful Master of the lodge.

WB Piazza also delivered the Apron Lecture as well as the charge, while honored Brother Ian Cawley tickled the ivory keys throughout the evening. WB Dale Palileo sat as Senior Warden with honored Brother James “Ironblood” Elam rounding out the pillars.

There was also another notable “first” during the evening: Brother Kaid Collins sat as Treasurer pro-tempore during the opening and served as the chaplain for the first section.

The stewards’ roles were filled by the ever-capable duo of honored Brother Valan Primus and brother Manase Salema.

Among the visitors for the evening were:

  • Brother Aaron Clark of Willamette Lodge no. 2
  • Brother Bill Ponce of Gresham Lodge no. 152
  • Brother Max Ehrlich of Culver City-Foshay Lodge no. 467 under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of California
  • Brother Shaun Lasich of Omni Lodge no. 582 under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania
  • RWB Tom Herres, official representative of the Grand Lodge of Illinois to the Grand Lodge of Oregon

And as a proper cap to the evening, BEA Doug Kirkbride gave a stellar rendition of the Entered Apprentice proficiency, much to the admiration of the brethren present.

The lodge now looks forward to WB Joseph Piazza’s final stated meeting in December, a Fellowcraft Degree that will feature honored Brother James “Ironblood” Elam sitting in the East and the installation of officers.


EA Degree - David Crymer - Official Pose

EA Degree - David Crymer - Kenton Pose

EA Degree - David Crymer - Solo Shot

EA Degree - David Crymer - Group Photo

2 Replies to "David Crymer: Kenton's Last Entered Apprentice for 2019"

  • Ivan Mancinelli-Franconi, Ph.D
    November 22, 2019 (8:55 pm)

    Excellent photos of our beloved Lodge’s activities. It fills me with pride to see the dedication of my brothers in sowing the seeds of of our ever-growing Kenton brotherhood. Countless hours of preparation go into the inner workings of a Lodge and Kenton excels in the quality of its degree deliveries.

  • Phil Brown
    November 22, 2019 (9:21 pm)

    It’s good to see so many in attendance. I only wish I could be there more often!

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