Derek Shaw: Kenton’s First Entered Apprentice for the Quarter

Posted on April 19, 2019

After a week of dreary weather, the sun finally shone last Thursday just in time for Mr. Derek Shaw to be initiated by the lodge. The weather prompted WB Joseph Piazza to allow the officers to wear their optional Class B attire during the degree to mitigate the warm temperature inside the lodge, but that didn’t stop the brethren of Kenton to confer perhaps one of the best Entered Apprentice Degree conferrals of the year so far.

And despite the absence of four installed officers of the lodge, the evening was still well attended not only by members of the lodge but also by visiting brothers, most notably Brother Bill Ponce of Gresham Lodge no. 152 and Brother Jason Caldwell of McKenzie River Lodge no. 195.

After the degree, the brethren also saw it fit to test Brother Entered Apprentice Patrick Person as to his proficiency in the lecture of the Entered Apprentice Degree. With the overwhelming support and approval of the brethren present, he was declared proficient by WB Piazza.

True to Kenton fashion, the brethren celebrated the evening with the usual dinner and libations featuring a lentil and dumpling soup by our very own honored Brother Junior Steward Valan Primus.


EA Degree - Derek Shaw - Single Pose

EA Degree - Derek Shaw - Official Pose

EA Degree - Derek Shaw - Kenton Pose

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