Derek Shaw: Kenton’s Newest Fellowcraft

Posted on February 29, 2020

Straight after visiting Beaverton Lodge no. 100 to witness their Fellowcraft Degree last week, the brothers at Kenton decided to perform their own rendition of the Fellowcraft Degree for one of their own, this time for Brother Derek Shaw.

The evening started with an Entered Apprentice proficiency examination for both Brother Shaw and Brother David Crymer. Both were declared proficient by WB Ian Cawley.

Afterwards, the brethren conferred the Fellowcraft Degree on Brother Shaw in a degree that was not only true to Kenton form, but was also emotionally charged by honored Brother Michael Lell’s impressive music on the piano.

While the degree saw Brother Senior Warden Ironblood Elam helming the eastern chair, other parts of the cast also saw some surprising changes: WB Ian Cawley felt right at home doing the senior deacon work, WB Joseph Piazza doing a rare posting as junior deacon, WB Dale Palileo sitting in the south, and Brother Aaron Clark securing the door as tiler.

The second section also saw Worshipful Brothers Dale Palileo and Joseph Piazza giving the staircase and G lectures, respectively.

The evening also saw visitors from various lodges, namely Esoterika Lodge no. 227 and East Gate Lodge no. 155. Beaverton Lodge no. 100 also made an appearance with their newest Fellowcraft witnessing the degree for the first time after his own degree last week.


FC Degree - Derek Shaw - Official Pose

FC Degree - Derek Shaw - Kenton Pose

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