Doug Auld: Kenton’s First Master Mason of the Year

Posted on April 22, 2016

The lodge room was surprisingly warmer than expected, but that didn’t stop the lodge and several visiting brothers from conferring the Master Mason Degree upon Brother Doug Auld last night.

The cast list consisted of some of Portland’s best ritualists, and several lodges were represented, including a lodge from the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia (Benjamin B French Lodge No. 15).

The other lodges were the following:

  • Washington No. 46
  • Friendship Masonic No. 160
  • Sunnyside No. 163
  • Esoterika No. 227
  • Enlightenment No. 228

Next week, the lodge will again perform another Master Mason Degree with Brother A.V. as candidate.


Doug Auld - Master Mason


Kenton Pose - Doug Auld - Master Mason


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