Fostering Growth and Leadership: April Officer’s and Trustee’s Meeting at Kenton Lodge

Posted on April 7, 2023

The month of April brought the Brethren of Kenton Lodge together for the Officers and Trustees meeting, as they convened to discuss the progress and future direction of the Lodge. Additionally, those who had begun the Torchlight Program reconvened to share the knowledge they had gained from their individual studies, further strengthening the bonds of fellowship and the commitment to Masonic education.

Officers and Trustees Meeting: Leading the Way Forward

During the Officers and Trustees meeting, the dedicated leaders of the Lodge engaged in productive discussions and evaluations of the Lodge’s ongoing initiatives and future plans. The Officers and Trustees, deeply committed to the growth and success of the Fraternity, worked collaboratively to address the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead. Their collective wisdom and experience helped to forge a clear path for Kenton Lodge, ensuring that the Lodge continues to thrive and contribute positively to the wider Masonic community.

Torchlight Program: Sharing the Light of Knowledge

Following the Officers and Trustees meeting, the Brethren who had embarked on the Torchlight Program journey reconvened to discuss their progress and share the insights they had gleaned from their individual studies. This gathering provided an opportunity for the Brethren to engage in lively conversations, exchange ideas, and expand their understanding of the foundational texts of Freemasonry.

As the Brethren delved deeper into the rich tapestry of Masonic knowledge, they not only enriched their own Masonic journey but also contributed to the collective growth and development of the Fraternity. The dedication and enthusiasm displayed by the participants in the Torchlight Program serve as an inspiring example of the importance of continuous learning and personal growth within the Craft.

The April Officer’s and Trustee’s meeting at Kenton Lodge was a testament to the Lodge’s unwavering commitment to leadership, education, and fellowship. As the Officers and Trustees continue to guide the Lodge’s growth and direction, the Brethren participating in the Torchlight Program exemplify the value of seeking knowledge and sharing it with their Brothers. Together, these efforts work in harmony to ensure the continued success of Kenton Lodge and the propagation of the timeless values of Freemasonry.


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