Illuminating the Path to Knowledge: A Torchlight Study Night at Kenton Lodge

Posted on March 24, 2023

The pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement is at the heart of Freemasonry, and the Brethren of Kenton Lodge recently gathered for a special study night to get started on the Torchlight Program. This enlightening evening provided an opportunity for the Brothers to delve deeper into the essential teachings of Freemasonry and strengthen their understanding of its core principles.

The Torchlight Program: A Beacon of Masonic Wisdom

The Torchlight Program is a unique and comprehensive study initiative designed to familiarize Oregon Masons with six of the most important printed documents in Freemasonry as we know it in this Jurisdiction. Through self or group study, participants are encouraged to explore these foundational texts and enhance their understanding of the Fraternity’s history, values, and rituals.

The program culminates in an open-book exam, which consists of 30 randomly selected questions from a test bank of 250. The primary objective of the Torchlight Program is not merely to pass the exam but to immerse oneself in the rich tradition of Masonic literature and foster a deeper appreciation for the timeless wisdom contained within these documents.

The most recent updates to the format of the Torchlight program were implemented by WB Ian Cawley, Secretary of Kenton Lodge and the appointed Grand Organist. The program used to be completed on pen & paper and consisted of answering all 250 questions; it is now housed online where the submission and grading process is streamlined and the respondents are only asked to answer a random subset of questions from the test bank. WB Cawley hopes that these changes will increase engagement with the program and thus increase the engagement with the printed materials of Oregon Freemasonry.

A Night of Learning and Fellowship

At the study night, the Brethren of Kenton Lodge came together to discuss and examine the texts included in the Torchlight Program. Through collaborative learning, the Brothers shared their insights and perspectives, helping one another to navigate the complexities of the Masonic teachings. The open and supportive environment fostered a sense of camaraderie among the participants, as they worked together to unravel the mysteries of the Craft.

Once their minds were full and homework was assigned all around, the Brethren continued the evening with a period of fellowship, where they simply relaxed and enjoyed one another’s company. This time of camaraderie allowed the Brothers to reflect on their individual Masonic journeys and appreciate the value of the shared pursuit of knowledge in bringing them closer together.

This initial Torchlight Study Night at Kenton Lodge was a resounding success, as the Brethren embraced the opportunity to learn from one another and deepen their understanding of the foundational texts of Oregon Freemasonry. As the Members of Kenton Lodge continue to explore the wisdom contained within these texts, they are not only enriching their own Masonic journey but also contributing to the collective growth and development of the Fraternity. It is through such endeavors that the light of Freemasonry will continue to shine brightly for generations to come.

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