“Ironblood” becomes an EA

Posted on March 25, 2016

Borne out of an unexpected answer to an age-old question, Brother JMJEII has uniquely earned the nickname “Ironblood” during his initiation into Freemasonry at Kenton Masonic Lodge. The evening was mellow and pleasant, but with the same level of camaraderie and seriousness that’s been the hallmark of Kenton’s degrees for this year.

Brother Ironblood continues Kenton’s streak of Entered Apprentice Degrees which will be capped by Mr. Brendan Roe’s initiation next week.

Many thanks to the following brothers for their assistance:

  • Brother C. Michael Chase of Friendship 16o for serving as Senior Deacon
  • Brother Bryan Tranel of Friendship 160 for delivering the charge

Per tradition, below are photos from the evening. Enjoy!

ironblood - Entered Apprentice Degree


ironblood - kenton pose

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