Jeff Bowman: Kenton’s First Master Mason for 2015

Posted on March 20, 2015

All eyes were on Brother Jeff Bowman last night as the lodge conferred the Master Mason degree upon him with brothers from various lodges in attendance. The first section was composed of a full complement of Kenton members, while the second section consisted of talented brothers from around the immediate Portland metro area.

In attendance were brothers from the following lodges:

  • Beaverton No. 100
  • Hood River No. 105
  • Gresham No. 152
  • Eastgate No. 155
  • Cornerstone No. 157
  • Esoterika No. 227
  • Washington No. 4, F. & A.M. of Washington
  • Mt. Hood No. 32, F. & A.M. of Washington

Our sincerest thanks to the following brothers for assisting us with the degree:

  • RWB Tom Binkerd, current Worshipful Master of Beaverton No. 100
  • WB Peter Morrison, Past Master of Eastgate  No. 155
  • WB Josh Singleton, Past Master of Cornerstone No. 157
  • WB Eric Headley, Past Master of Cornerstone No. 157
  • WB Noel Keister, Past Master of Beaverton No. 100

Jeff Bowman


Jeff Bowman and Worshipful Masters

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  • Michael Benson
    March 20, 2015 (7:11 pm)

    Congratulations !

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