Joe Andres Becomes an Entered Apprentice; Ironblood Passes Proficiency

Posted on July 1, 2016

Brethren were gathered together last night at Kenton Lodge to witness and be part of Mr. Joseph Andres’ initiation into the fraternity. The degree was once again conferred by Honored Brother Senior Deacon Joseph Piazza, which marks his third Entered Apprentice conferral for the month and marks the 13th consecutive degree conferred at Kenton for 2016. While several officers were not in attendance due to various circumstances, the lodge still carried out the degree in full Kenton fashion with members filling in parts of the degree.

Another significant event that occurred last night was the delivery of the Entered Apprentice Proficiency by none other than BEA James “Ironblood” Elam. With the support of the brethren present, WB Michael Shebora declared him proficient, with his Fellowcraft Degree scheduled for the third week of July.

Many thanks to the following visiting brothers who were present for the degree:

  • WB Jim Hoffbauer, PM – Central Arizona Lodge No. 14, F. & A.M. of Arizona
  • WB Mitch Obeid, PM – Sunnyside Lodge No. 163
  • Brother Walter Lee, sitting Junior Warden – Friendship Masonic Lodge No. 160
  • Brother Eddie Manjarres – Sunnyside Lodge No. 163


Joseph Andres Entered Apprentice Degree - Official Pose


Joseph Andres Entered Apprentice Degree - Kenton Pose


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