June Stated Meeting and Our Summer Sojourn

Posted on June 9, 2023

As the warmth of summer approaches and nature blooms in all its glory, the Brothers of Kenton Lodge convened for the June Stated Meeting. While the agenda was concise, it contained one important of new business – this was the final Stated Meeting before the Lodge “goes dark” for the summer months.

Reflections on the Annual Communication

Fresh from the enriching experience of the 173rd Annual Communication, the Master and Wardens shared their insights and experiences with the Lodge. They recounted the wisdom gleaned from their Masonic Brethren across the state and spoke of the deep bonds of fellowship that were forged during the event.

The Lodge was happy to welcome a visiting Brother, who the principle officers had just met during their time in Bend:

  • Honored Brother Paul Miller, Senior Warden of Hermiston Lodge No. 138.

Embracing the Summer Sojourn: The Lodge Goes Dark

With the conclusion of the June Stated Meeting, Kenton Lodge now prepares to go dark until September. This time-honored tradition offers a period of respite from Lodge business, a pause in the formalities of Stated Meetings that allows the Brethren to reflect on their Masonic journey, to spend more quality time with their Brethren, with their family and loved ones, or pursuing personal interests and hobbies.

As Kenton Lodge enters its summer sojourn, the Brethren carry with them the wealth of experiences from the Annual Communication and look forward to many future opportunities to meet with their counterparts around the world. The Lodge may be going dark, but the light of Freemasonry continues to shine brightly in the hearts of all the Brethren of Kenton Lodge. The spirit of fellowship, the pursuit of wisdom, and the embodiment of Masonic virtues continue unabated, preparing the Brethren for a grand return in September, invigorated and ready to embark on another season of Masonic growth and enlightenment.


June 2023 Stated Meeting - Official Pose

June 2023 Stated Meeting - Kenton Pose

June 2023 Stated Meeting - Libations

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