Kenton Attends Occasional Grand Lodge; Hosts RWB Gomez for Impromptu Gathering

Posted on November 19, 2019

After a very successful November stated meeting, a few Kenton brothers decided to attend the occasional grand lodge session held at Washington Masonic Center last Saturday, November 16th. Among the attendees were Worshipful Brothers Emanuel Rose and Dale Palileo, Brother Senior Warden Ian Cawley, Brother Senior Deacon Ryan Whittenburg and Brother Manase Salema.

The session was primarily meant for the Grand Master to hear about the current state of affairs at each lodge around the Northern Oregon area. Among the biggest draws of the session were reports of lodges doing really well with their respective community outreach and charity programs as well as receiving new petitions. There were also reports about building issues, on which the Grand Master and several other Grand Lodge officers reminded the brethren present about the Grand Lodge building grants program, which matches lodge expense on building projects with Grand Lodge funds, dollar-for-dollar.

Fresh from his presentations at Kenton and at the Wilsonville Shrine Center, RWB Moises Gomez was also in attendance sporting Kenton’s officer attire in honor of his Kenton brothers.

Honored Brother Ian Cawley reported on a few aspects that were different from the usual reports of other lodges and highlighted his close relationship with WB Joseph Piazza in making this year a very successful year for the brethren of Kenton. He also highlighted Kenton’s Masonic Ritual Assistance Program as the lodge’s community service that focuses on helping the Masonic community instead of the community at-large, and his plans for a ritual festival scheduled sometime next year during his term as Worshipful Master.

After lunch, the brethren then met up with other Kenton brothers at the lodge to interview two potential petitioners as well as host RWB Gomez during his last night in Portland.


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