Kenton Celebrates Summer Solstice by Passing Manase Salema

Posted on June 23, 2018

Summer Solstice is an important in many cultures and traditions, including of course, in Freemasonry. While it’s often celebrated on June 24th in most Masonic jurisdictions to honor St. John the Baptist, Kenton also wanted to observe the natural date of the Summer Solstice this year–which falls perfectly on a Thursday–by conferring the Fellowcraft Degree on Brother Manase Salema.

Brother Salema’s degree was preceded by his impressive rendition of the Entered Apprentice proficiency a week prior during the lodge’s June stated meeting.

Next week, Kenton will be performing its fifth Entered Apprentice Degree by initiating Mr. Carl Lucas.


FC Degree - Manase Salema - Official Pose

FC Degree - Manase Salema - Kenton Pose

FC Degree - Manase Salema - Library Action

FC Degree - Manase Salema - Tiler

1 Reply to "Kenton Celebrates Summer Solstice by Passing Manase Salema"

  • Jonathan Heesch
    June 23, 2018 (1:59 am)

    Awesome news Brother Manase!!! Now continue on in the Light….

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