Kenton completes FC Degree week by passing Brother Justin Brandt

Posted on October 26, 2018

This week has certainly been a busy time for the brothers of Kenton Lodge as they complete the second and final leg of their planned Fellowcraft Degree Week by passing Brother Justin Brandt.

Brother Brandt, who was initiated earlier this year, gave an impressive Entered Apprentice proficiency prior to the lodge opening on the Fellowcraft Degree.

Brother Matt Wynn, a visiting brother from New York who was at Brother Valan’s degree last Tuesday, was also present for the degree. Regular Kenton visitor WB Robert Hopkins was also in attendance.

His conferral marks the fifth Fellowcraft Degree to be conferred this year, following Brothers Valan Primus, John Giler, Dan Zedaker and Eric Pease.

The lodge now looks forward to its annual election of officers during its next stated meeting and shifts gears by conferring Master Mason degrees on the 15th and 29th of November.


FC Degree - Justin Brandt - Official Pose

FC Degree - Justin Brandt - Kenton Pose

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