Kenton Confers EA Degree on James Jun

Posted on March 23, 2019

There are many reasons why Kenton meets on a weekly basis. One of these reasons is because the lodge fully adheres to its ancient mandate of making Masons. Because of this all-important mandate, it devotes its every available Thursday to conferring degrees. This mandate is such an important part of the lodge’s identity that it has even used other days of the week in addition to its regular Thursdays to confer degrees.

One can easily assume that Kenton might look like a degree mill, but nothing can be further from the truth. Each degree is unique in its own way, not only because of the candidate involved, but also because of the nuances of each part as well as its participants. The sum result is a Masonic experience that is special not only to the brethren but to the candidate in particular.

The same can be said last night when Mr. James Jun, a candidate who has been waiting in the wings since January of this year, was initiated as an Entered Apprentice Mason.

The degree saw honored Brother Ian Cawley in the helm during the conferral with WB Joseph Piazza and honored Brother James “Ironblood” Elam in the West and South stations respectively. WB Piazza also delivered the charge after WB Dale Palileo’s usual delivery of the lecture.

Several brothers from other lodges were in attendance:

  • WB Robert Hopkins of Friendship no. 160
  • Brother Bill Ponce of Gresham no. 152
  • Brother Aaron Clark of Willamette no. 2

The evening was also made special by the attendance of Brother John Giler, who arrived last week from his recent trip to Asia.

Brother Jun’s Entered Apprentice Degree will be followed by Mr. Doug Kirkbride’s initiation into the fraternity next week.


EA Degree - James Jun - Official Pose

EA Degree - James Jun - Kenton Pose

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