Kenton Confers Fellowcraft Degree on Nedu Nweze; hosts Landmark no. 103

Posted on February 2, 2019

It was another degree night at Kenton last Thursday as they conferred the Fellowcraft Degree on Brother Nedu Nweze, which was the conclusion of this month’s series of Fellowcraft Degrees that started last week with Brother Kaid Collins’ degree.

The ceremony saw dramatic improvements from several stations and places within the evening’s cast, and while the brothers missed WB Sami Aldrete on the piano, honored Brother Michael Lell rose to the occasion to provide the musical background of the evening — an important element in the conferral of the Fellowcraft Degree.

The lodge also hosted the official visitation of Landmark Lodge no. 103, under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of Iowa. The contingent of Iowa brothers was headed by Worshipful Brother Jason Smith, current Worshipful Master, Brother Robert Kirkpatrick, current Junior Warden, and Brother Matt Decker, current secretary.

Other notable brothers were present as well:

  • WB Robert Hopkins, representing Friendship Lodge no. 160 and various other lodges from different jurisdictions
  • Brother Zain Al Jammali of Beaverton Lodge no. 100.


FC Degree - Nedu Nweze - Official Pose

FC Degree - Nedu Nweze - Kenton Pose

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