Kenton Confers the Fellowcraft Degree on BEA Abraham Haskins-Murphy

Posted on March 17, 2023

The journey towards knowledge and understanding continues at Kenton Lodge as our Brethren conferred the Fellowcraft Degree upon Brother Entered Apprentice Abraham Haskins-Murphy. This momentous occasion marks the second official step in every Masonic journey and serves to deepen the comprehension and commitment of the newly advanced Brother.

The Fellowcraft Degree is a time-honored tradition that reaffirms the strong bond among the Brethren. It is a shared experience that fosters unity and strengthens the fraternal bonds between the members of the Lodge. The ceremony is filled with profound symbolism which imparts valuable lessons to the candidates as they continue their Masonic journey. Worshipful Brother Ian Cawley gave the Staircase Lecture, an allegorical representation of the candidate’s ascent towards knowledge and understanding. Each step symbolizes the importance of continuous learning, and the candidate’s commitment to the acquisition of wisdom.

Newly advanced Fellowcrafts are encouraged to contemplate the lessons learned during the ceremony and apply them to their daily lives. As they continue their Masonic journey, the Brethren are urged to reflect on their personal growth and development, and strive to embody the values of Freemasonry in all aspects of their lives.

One notable aspect of the evening was the unique connection between Worshipful Master Blake Presswood, the Conferring Master Zack Keirsey, and Brother Haskins-Murphy who was brought to light as a Fellowcraft Mason. WB Presswood was the Mason who introduced Honored Brother Keirsey to Kenton Lodge and, in turn, it was HB Keirsey who was the Mason to introduce Bro. Haskins Murphy. This interwoven connection added a special layer of significance to the event, as it illustrated the enduring bonds formed within the Fraternity and the impact of mentorship on the Masonic journey. This also marked the first time that HB Keirsey has conferred a Degree, which he did with skill and finesse. The entire Lodge bore witness to this extraordinary Degree, which not only celebrated the candidate’s progress but also exemplified the commitment of both the Worshipful Master and the Conferring Master to the principles of Freemasonry and the growth of the Brotherhood.

We take immense pride in the progress and growth of our Members. We salute the hard work of Lodge Officers taking on new roles in Degree-work and we celebrate the advancement of our worthy candidates. We look forward to strengthening our bonds with Bro. Haskins-Murphy as he embarks on the next phase of his journey and draws ever closer to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason.

Photos:FC Degree - Abraham Haskins-Murphy - Official PoseFC Degree - Abraham Haskins-Murphy - Kenton Pose

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