Kenton Confers the Fellowcraft Degree on Eastgate’s Juan Rogel

Posted on October 24, 2014

Last night, Kenton had the honor and the pleasure of passing then-BEA Juan Rogel of Eastgate Lodge No. 155 to the Fellowcraft Degree.

WB Dale Palileo and Brother Sami Aldrete took turns in providing the staircase lecture while WB Erik Arneson gave the G lecture. The evening was then capped by the usual Kenton-style celebrations post-degree.

Thanks to the core of brothers from Friendship for their dependable assistance as well as to Eastgate Lodge No. 155 for giving us the opportunity to assist in bringing BFC Rogel a step further on his Masonic journey.

Alternate Group Photo


Candidate and Past Masters


Juan Rogel and Jason Crowder


Todd Dow


Roy and Sami


Leo Nick and Tim


Mike and Prince Hall Brothers


Dinner Group

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