Kenton Ends Busy Month with Alex Hanna’s Master Mason Degree

Posted on September 30, 2022

Past Masters in the Past Masters’ Balcony. New brothers sitting as stewards. The return of WB Joseph Piazza and honored Brother Valan Primus. And a visiting brother from Willamette No.2.

This was the setting last night as the brothers of Kenton conferred the Sublime Degree of Master Mason upon Brother Alex Hanna in a ceremony that highlighted Kenton’s ritual strengths and camaraderie.

As with the previous Master Mason Degrees conferred on brothers Doug Kirkbride and Derek Shaw the weeks prior, WB Ian Cawley sat as WM for the first section with honored Brother Zack Andrew assuming Senior Deacon duties. Honored Brothers Manase Salema, Aaron Clark, WB Jim Emery and WB Shawn Holt also took their usual positions as Senior Warden, Junior Deacon, Chaplain and Tiler, respectively.

The evening also saw the inaugural performance of Brothers Doug Kirkbride and Derek Shaw as stewards for the first section.

WB James Lamb, Past Master and current secretary of Willamette Lodge no. 2, also made a visit after receiving an invitation from several brothers.

Last night’s celebrations also saw the lodge celebrate honored Brother Manase Salema’s birthday with a cake baked by Brother Entered Apprentice Angelo SanFilippo, much to the delight of the brethren present.

But Brother Hanna’s raising wasn’t the only event in the lodge’s calendar. The evening prior, Kenton’s infamous Horde also made a showing at Esoterika Lodge no. 227 to assist with their Master Mason Degree and take the lodge’s traveling gavel–a time-honored tradition among lodges in the area.

Additionally, Kenton Brothers assisted with a Master Mason Degree for Sherwood-Midday Lodge no. 164 for Al Kader Shrine’s Oriental Band last Saturday.

On both occasions, WB Dale Palileo and honored Brother Zack Andrew assumed Third Ruffian and First Fellowcraft roles respectively, while honored Brother Manase Salema played the part of the First Ruffian for Esoterika’s degree.

Brother Hanna’s raising was the last in the planned three successive Master Mason degrees for this month. The lodge now looks forward to another busy October, leading up to elections and an official visit by the District Deputy in November.


Alex Hanna’s Master Mason Degree

Three Newest Master Masons

MM Degree - Alex Hanna - Official Pose

MM Degree - Alex Hanna - Kenton Pose


Honored Brother Manase Salema’s Birthday Celebration:

Manase Salema Birthday Cake


Visit to Esoterika Lodge no. 227

Visit to Esoterika 227 - Sidelines

Visit to Esoterika 227 - Group Photo

Visit to Esoterika 227 - Gavel

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