Kenton Holds Annual Officers Training

Posted on January 20, 2023

Every year, on the third Thursday of January, the officers of Kenton Lodge come together for training and fellowship. This event is crucial for the success of the lodge, as it ensures that the officers are well-equipped to lead the lodge and to carry out its mission.

The Brothers have been familiarizing themselves with their duties as outlined in the the Masonic Code and the Officers Handbook. Now, they have gathered to review some of the finer points of how they will conduct themselves in open Lodge and during degree work.

For those who have attended a Basic Lodge of Instruction in their home district or jurisdiction, the topics of the evening will have been familiar. For those who have never been to a Lodge of Instruction before, here are a few examples of the fundamentals that were covered:

  • A timeless piece of Masonic etiquette is that, when Lodge is open, Brothers are expected to sit with their feet flat on the floor and not to cross their legs.
  • A modern bit of Masonic etiquette is that cell phones should be put away and silenced while the Lodge is open.
  • During degree work it is important to stay in the moment. That means staying focused on the task at hand and the role one is playing in the degree. It means gracefully moving past any errors without lingering or apologizing. If one is sitting on the sidelines, it means quietly paying attention and refraining from any chitchat.
  • Precision in our movement during degree work shows the pride we have for the ancient work that unites us as Masons. Our body language and movements highlight the respect, or lack thereof, that we each have for the role we are playing.
  • Our collective goal during a degree is ensuring that the candidate has the best experience possible. It is a privilege to share in their excitement and wonder.

The annual officers training is so important because the new officers have the opportunity to ask questions and receive guidance from more experienced members of the lodge. The training was led by WB Dale Palileo, Past Master 2014, who is also the sitting Grand Orator. It came as no surprise that WB Palileo had an interesting quote for the Brothers to ponder:

Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire. ― Gustav Mahler

And so, with a nod to Mahler, the Officers of Kenton Lodge got to work splitting wood and tending to the embers.

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