Kenton Holds February Stated Meeting

Posted on February 10, 2023

Kenton’s February stated meeting was a productive and enjoyable evening for all those in attendance. In comparison to the bustling January meeting the agenda was concise and the atmosphere was relaxed.

The night began with a delicious meal of Caribbean chicken served with rice & beans, plantains, and veggies. The meal was personally prepared by Junior Warden Valan Primus and was attended to by Stewards Doug Kirkbride and Derek Shaw.

During the meeting, two important resolutions were passed with unanimous support. The first concerned an increase in initiatory dues, which will help the Lodge continue to ensure a top-notch experience for our newest members. The second resolution increased the secretary’s stipend, recognizing the hard work and dedication of this important officer of the Lodge.

It is worth noting that these resolutions are pending approval by Grand Lodge, and their final word is eagerly awaited. The Brethren of Kenton are proud of the steps that they are taking to ensure the continued success of their Lodge.

Worshipful Brother Ian Cawley, Lodge Secretary, was presented with a unique lapel pin to honor his position as the “Hand of the Master.” The design of the pin is based on the iconic “Hand of the King” pin from the popular TV show Game of Thrones. This special tribute recognizes the vital role that the Secretary plays in the Lodge, as he serves as the right-hand man to the Worshipful Master and helps to manage the administrative tasks that keep the Lodge running smoothly. The pin was presented to WB Cawley by his predecessor WB Dale Palileo.

Worshipful Master Blake Presswood presented the schedule for the month with a focus on study. The next few weeks will see Lodge meetings devoted to proficiency study & examination, degree-work practice, and fellowship. The Brothers are also looking forward to attending the Statewide Training Day on Saturday the 25th, hosted in district three by Portland Lodge No. 55. This important event provides a valuable opportunity for Master Masons to learn more about the craft, to connect with Brothers from district three, and to strengthen the bonds of Brotherhood and friendship.

The true Mason is an ardent lover of knowledge, and is ever engaged in the pursuit of it. – Manly P. Hall

Closing out the meeting, the Worshipful Master had a special surprise for his Lodge – a new Challenge Coin! The coin is meant to symbolize the unity and Brotherhood of the Lodge, and is a tangible reminder of the shared values and experiences that bind the Brethren together. The Worshipful Master presented a coin to each of his Officers and encouraged everyone to carry it with them as a symbol of their dedication to the Craft and their commitment to supporting their fellow Masons. The coin is now available for purchase ($20.00/ea | Buy 4 get 1 Free) and is sure to become a treasured keepsake for all who receive it.

Photos:February Stated Meeting - Official PoseFebruary Stated Meeting - Kenton PoseFebruary Stated Meeting - Proficiency CoachingKenton Coin - backKenton Coin - Fronthand of the master

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