Kenton Holds First Officers’ Training and Practice for the Year

Posted on January 19, 2019

A week after successfully hosting MWB James Morgan during his official visit, the brothers at Kenton continues through this month’s schedule by holding the lodge’s first officers’ training and practice for the year.

The training was not exclusively for officers; the evening saw the attendance of Master Masons and Entered Apprentice brothers who were treated to instruction on Masonic etiquette specifically pertaining to decorum during lodge meetings.

Part of the evening’s training agenda was Worshipful Brothers Joseph Piazza and Dale Palileo reminding the brothers of the lodge’s traditions and culture and the lodge’s expectations from each member. They also encouraged the brethren in attendance to be more forthcoming with their ideas on how to improve their own Masonic experience as well as the overall experience of the lodge.

WB Dale Palileo also gave a crash course on the hierarchical nature of the lodge’s leadership and explained why the structure is important in maintaining the lodge’s current and future growth.

Afterwards, the officers of the lodge proceeded to perform a fine-tuning practice to polish their performance in conferring the Second Degree, two of which are scheduled for the remaining Thursdays of the month.


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