Kenton Holds Last Stated Meeting for the Year

Posted on December 9, 2022

Following the election of officers in November, the December stated meeting is usually considered as a “lame duck session” where the lodge closes down any unfinished business in preparation for the new year.

And while the meeting’s agenda was rather light in most respects, it was still up to Kenton standards as far as mood and camaraderie was concerned.

WB Mitch Pennell, sitting master of Willamette Lodge no. 2, was in attendance and was invited to a seat in the east as per Masonic custom.

Brother Max Ehrlich was also in attendance after being absent for a long time and was finally presented with his membership card.

The bulk of the meeting’s time was taken up by various correspondence, most of which were from Brother Doug Neville. Various greeting cards and other letters of importance from the Grand Lodge were also read.

Last but not least, the brethren recognized the service of current secretary WB Dale Palileo, who was attending to his role during the a stated meeting for the last time. Per the elections held last November, WB Ian Cawley will be assuming the secretary’s seat during the incoming Masonic year while WB Palileo assumes the role as lodge organist.

The lodge now looks forward to its installation of officers and a slew of visitations and other meetings for the remainder of the year.


December Stated Meeting - Official Pose

December Stated Meeting - Kenton Pose

December Stated Meeting - Mitch Pennell

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