Kenton Holds March Stated Meeting

Posted on March 10, 2023

The Brethren of Kenton Lodge gathered once again for their March Stated Meeting; a time to reconnect, to break bread, and to conduct business. In addition to the regular Lodge business and discussion of upcoming events, the evening held special significance as a beloved Member was honored for his 39th Masonic anniversary, and a cherished Member of the Lodge’s Family was honored and affirmed as a Trans Woman.

The Brothers and their guests were treated to a culinary delight as the Junior Warden prepared “Kenton’s Famous Fried Rice” for the meal. This much-loved dish has become a Lodge tradition and a symbol of camaraderie among the Members. The delicious and savory fried rice, brimming with fresh vegetables, succulent meats, and perfectly seasoned with a blend of spices, showcased the Junior Warden’s culinary prowess and his dedication to fostering fellowship within the Lodge.

The Lodge was also delighted to welcome a handful of visiting brothers from across the river, who joined in the evening’s festivities and added to the sense of unity and Brotherhood. From North Bank Lodge No. 182 F. & A.M. of Washington, the Lodge was pleased to welcome:

  • WB John Fitzgerald, PM
  • HB Jeremy Damerval, Sitting Senior Deacon
  • Bro. Philip Wheeler

The presence of these visiting Brethren highlights the far-reaching connections and bonds that transcend geographical boundaries within the Masonic Fraternity. As the members of Kenton Lodge and their visiting counterparts shared experiences, knowledge, and camaraderie, the evening became, in part, a celebration of the global Masonic community and the enduring spirit of Brotherly love that unites all Masons, regardless of distance.

During the Meeting, the Brethren witnessed a significant milestone in the Masonic journey of Kenton’s Senior Steward, Brother Doug Kirkbride. After diligent study and preparation, he successfully delivered his Master Mason Proficiency, demonstrating his understanding of the Master Mason Degree and its many symbols and allegories. Upon completing his Proficiency, Bro. Kirkbride was promptly installed in his post for the remainder of the Masonic year. The Lodge is proud of his accomplishments and his dedication to the Fraternity, and they eagerly anticipate his continued contributions and leadership in his role as Senior Steward.

A Brother’s Journey and Commitment

The Brethren took the time to acknowledge and celebrate the incredible journey of their esteemed Brother, who has dedicated 39 years to the Fraternity. WB Jim Emery was raised a Master Mason on March 9th, 1984 in St. Vrain Lodge No. 23 A.F. & A.M. of Colorado. His unwavering commitment to the principles of Freemasonry has been an inspiration to all who have had the privilege of working alongside him. His dedication to the growth of his Lodges, his tireless work in contributing to our fellowship, and his constant pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement are just a few of the qualities that have earned him the admiration and respect of his fellow Masons. WB Emery will be moving to the East coast within the year to be closer to Family and the Brethren realized they may not be able to celebrate his 40th anniversary in-person with him; therefore it was an easy choice to move up our celebrations by a year and commemorate his 39th.

As the Lodge celebrated the Masonic journey of their esteemed Brother, they also took a moment to acknowledge the invaluable support and sacrifice of his wife Sandy. Over the years, her understanding and willingness to share her husband’s time with the Lodge has played a significant role in his ability to contribute to the Fraternity’s growth and success. Her unwavering encouragement and the personal sacrifices she has made have not gone unnoticed by the Lodge. The Brethren are truly grateful for her steadfast commitment and recognize that her contributions have been instrumental in fostering the strong sense of Brotherhood and unity that thrives within the Lodge. Her sacrifices remind us of the vital role that supportive families play in the lives of Masons and the continued success of the Masonic community.

An Important Affirmation

The Lodge addressed a significant change in the life of one of their Members, who had not been present as often as they had before. A letter was read from this Member, in which they officially confirmed that they are a Trans woman and requested to be withdrawn from membership, out of respect for the tradition of the Fraternity being composed of men. After the letter was read, the Brethren granted her withdrawal with understanding and compassion.

A heartfelt statement was read into the minutes, specifically acknowledging and affirming Ms. Kayla Autumn Cisco as a Trans woman and a cherished member of the Lodge’s chosen Family. The Brethren expressed their unwavering support and love, explicitly encouraging and welcoming her to enjoy all the hospitality and fellowship the Lodge has to offer when they are not meeting in an official Masonic capacity. They were so happy that Kayla did indeed join them for dinner and fellowship after their meeting. The Lodge’s affirmation of her identity and their commitment to embracing her as a part of their extended Family demonstrated the true meaning of Brotherly love and the importance of unity and acceptance within the Fraternity.

The celebration of both WB Emery’s 39th Masonic anniversary and the affirmation of Ms. Kayla Cisco’s Womanhood highlighted the importance of chosen Family within the Masonic world. The Lodge’s commitment to supporting and uplifting their extended Family members illustrates the strong bonds of friendship and love that transcend the confines of the Lodge room. These bonds serve as a foundation for personal growth and the cultivation of understanding and empathy within the Fraternity.

The evening was a fantastic example of the deep connections and enduring bonds that are formed within the Fraternity, as well as the importance of recognizing and honoring the commitment and dedication of both our fellow Brothers and the extended Family members who enrich our lives. As the members of Kenton Lodge continue their pursuit of self-improvement and growth, they remain steadfast in their dedication to the principles of Freemasonry, and committed to fostering a welcoming and supportive environment for all.

Photos:March 2023 Stated Meeting - Official PoseMarch 2023 Stated Meeting - Kenton PoseMarch 2023 Stated Meeting - 39-year pin


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