Kenton Holds May Stated Meeting

Posted on May 12, 2023

During the Lodge’s May Stated Meeting, the Brethren were graced with the presence of their District Deputy RWB Adam Bayer. His official visit served as a reminder of the interconnectedness of Lodges across the jurisdiction, their shared purpose and commitment to the principles of Freemasonry, and the upcoming journey of their Master and Wardens to the Annual Communication in Bend.

The District Deputy’s Visit: Unity, Guidance, and Connection

The District Deputy’s presence at Kenton Lodge highlighted the unity and bond that exists within the Fraternity, bridging the geographical gaps between Lodges. His visit provided an opportunity for the Members of Kenton Lodge to gain insights from the District level, strengthening the connection between the Lodge and the wider Masonic community.

The District Deputy provided guidance and shared experiences, reminding everyone of the essential roles they play in the Fraternity. He spoke from the heart about his time as a District Deputy and the meaningful encounters the role has brought him over the years in his official and unofficial travels.

The Upcoming Annual Communication: A Journey Across the State

Looking ahead, the Master and Wardens of Kenton Lodge are preparing to embark on a journey across the state to attend the Annual Communication. This significant event is a highlight of the Masonic calendar, providing an opportunity for Lodges across the jurisdiction to come together, share experiences, learn from one another, and chart the course for the future.

The Master and Wardens have been entrusted with the responsibility of representing their Brethren at the Annual Communication as they vote on the Legislation that will be brought before the Delegates.

The May Stated Meeting at Kenton Lodge was both a reflection of the unity within the Fraternity and a look ahead to the exciting opportunities that lie on the horizon. The visit from the District Deputy and the anticipation of the upcoming Annual Communication reminded the Brothers of their vital role within the wider Masonic community and the potential for growth, learning, and connection that these events provide.

Photos:May Stated Meeting - Official PoseMay Stated Meeting - Kenton Pose

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