Kenton Holds October Stated Meeting; Hosts Grand Master and Grand Lodge Officers

Posted on October 11, 2019

Aside from the conferral of degrees, nothing is more auspicious in Masonry than the official visit of the Grand Master during a lodge’s stated meeting. More so when it’s a Grand Master who has close ties to the brethren of the lodge, and even more so when it’s the second time the Grand Lodge made an official visit in a year.

That was exactly the case at Kenton last night when MWB Ron J. Eggers, Grand Master of Masons in Oregon visited Kenton during its October stated meeting. A few Grand Lodge officers were also in attendance along with the Grand Master, most notably RWB Mark Posler, Junior Grand Warden, and RWB Gary Ball, Grand Treasurer.

The brethren in attendance were treated to a sumptuous Caribbean-inspired dinner composed of baked salmon, pasta, shrimp and lightly sautéed vegetables prepared by Brother Junior Steward Valan Primus and his culinary team.

Also of note was the presence of Brother Mike Milford who flew in from Florida for the week to visit family and brother John Giler who was fresh from his trip to Texas and Mexico. Brothers Hunter Bronson and Dan Zedaker were also in attendance after their brief absences from lodge meetings.

During the meeting, the brethren observed a moment of silence to commemorate the passing of Brother William Gordon, who passed to the Celestial Lodge above last September 20th.

The petitions of Mr. David Crymer and Mr. Kyle Cisco to receive the degrees of Masonry in Kenton Lodge were also balloted upon favorably.

To mark the occasion, WB Joseph Piazza presented MWB Eggers with a box of limited-edition cigars called the Man O’ War Anthology Series. He was also given a Kenton Lodge-branded cigar case to remind him of his Kenton brothers wherever his travels may take him during his term as Grand Master.

MWB Eggers’ visit is the second time a Grand Master has visited Kenton this year. The first was in January when MWB Jim Morgan, the Grand Master of Masons in Oregon at that time, visited Kenton during its January stated meeting.


Grand Master's Visit - Official Pose

Grand Master's Visit - Kenton Pose

Grand Master's Visit - Behind the Scene

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