Kenton Initiates Ed Menashe

Posted on November 20, 2016

Just one week after successfully receiving MWB Art Borland during his official visitation to Kenton, the lodge performed one of its last events of the year by initiating Mr. Ed Menashe as an Entered Apprentice.

Following Brother Menashe’s degree was an Entered Apprentice proficiency examination for Brother Larry Linstom, who delivered a strong rendition of the Entered Apprentice Degree lecture’s first section.

This degree will most likely be the last of the year as the lodge and Masonic calendar moves into the holiday and installation season.

Last but not least, our thanks also go out to WB Jim Hofbauer for his assistance.


Entered Apprentice Degree - Ed Menashe - Official Pose

Entered Apprentice Degree - Ed Menashe - Kenton Pose

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