Kenton Installs 2020’s Corps of Officers; Celebrates WB Piazza’s Successful Year

Posted on December 26, 2019

The entire lodge was decorated with festive Christmas colors and lights last Saturday not only to celebrate the Winter Solstice and the Christmas season, but also to celebrate WB Joseph Piazza’s year as worshipful master–dubbed as “Year One”–and to usher in Kenton’s Deuxième Année by installing WM-Elect Ian Cawley and his corps of officers for 2020.

Over 70 people were in attendance for this auspicious event which started with WB Piazza’s final address to the crowd. Worshipful brothers Andrew Gross, Dale Palileo and Emanuel Rose–the evening’s installing master, installing marshal and installing chaplain respectively–then proceeded to install the entire officer corps in the usual traditional ceremony.

After the installation ceremony, WB Cawley then addressed the crowd by thanking numerous brothers, family and friends. He also highlighted the lodge’s plans for 2020 and, with the assistance of WB Dale Palileo, presented WB Piazza with his past master’s apron and his past master’s gift. A personal gift from honored Brother James “Ironblood” Elam was also presented to WB Piazza. Staying true to the lodge’s tradition, gifts were also presented to WB Piazza’s sister and mother.

The brethren and guests then retired to the dining hall where they were treated to a four-course meal, a presentation highlighting the various activities that the lodge orchestrated during Year One, and the Past Masters’ Council’s raffle drawing that generated over $2,000.00 in gross ticket sales for the building maintenance fund. Champagne flowed freely, as well as the usual cigars and other libations.

And as if all of the evening’s festivities and merry-making couldn’t get any better, the brethren were treated to Brother Mike Milford’s surprise arrival, coming all the way from Florida to join the brethren in marking WB Cawley’s installation.

Photos and Videos:

installation 2019 - crowd

installation 2019 - hug

installation 2019 - passing

installation 2019 - officers

Kenton’s officers for Deuxième Année. Not pictured: Honored Brother Kaid Collins (junior steward) and WB Sami Aldrete (musician).

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