Kenton Lodge Finally Initiates Joshua Rosser

Posted on May 19, 2017

The stars have finally aligned for the lodge to initiate Mr. Joshua Rosser as an Entered Apprentice Mason last night, who started attending Kenton since early November last year.

The evening of his degree was also an evening of “firsts” for a few brothers of the lodge: honored Brother Blake Presswood fulfilled the role of Senior Deacon, honored Brother Ryan Whittenburg as Junior Deacon, and Brother Magic Joe Andres rounding out the list as Junior Steward.

Also in attendance were five Entered Apprentices, three Fellowcrafts, and two visitors, namely WBs Jim Munson and Alin Popescu, both from Sunnyside no. 163.

Brother Rosser is the fourth candidate to be initiated at Kenton this year. He follows Brother Eric Pease, who was initiated last February.


EA Degree - Joshua Rosser - Official Pose


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