Kenton Passes Joshua Wiedeman to Fellowcraft

Posted on July 28, 2017

After having a lull in degree work over the past few weeks, the brethren of Kenton Lodge finally conferred the Fellowcraft Degree upon Brother Joshua Wiedeman last night in a pleasant ceremony headed by honored Brother Junior Warden Joey Piazza.

Brother Wiedeman’s degree was also an important evening for honored Brother Junior Steward Ian Cawley, who performed as Senior Deacon for the first and second sections in addition to delivering the staircase lecture. His performance during the evening was well received by the brethren in attendance.

The attending brethren also witnessed a new format to the congratulation portion of the evening, which was done inside open lodge instead of the usual dining area setting to encourage more Masonic insight about the degree and provide a better environment for Masonic education. This new change was also very well received.


Fellowcraft Degree - Joshua Rosser - Official Pose


Fellowcraft Degree - Joshua Rosser - Kenton Pose

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