Kenton Passes Kyle Cisco to Fellowcraft

Posted on January 31, 2020

Just a week after raising Zack Andrew to the sublime degree of Master Mason, the brothers at Kenton pushed on their schedule for the month of January by passing Kyle Cisco to the degree of Fellowcraft.

The degree saw honored Brother James “Ironblood” Elam assuming the responsibilities of the Eastern Chair during the first section. This marks the second time he’s conferred the degree, with Brother Doug Kirkbride’s–held last December–being the first.

The evening also saw WB Ian Cawley performing the staircase lecture and WB Joseph Piazza giving the “G” lecture. WB Dale Palileo concluded the degree with the charge.

The lodge now looks forward to hosting RWB Tom Binkerd during its February stated meeting.


FC Degree - Kyle Cisco - Portrait

FC Degree - Kyle Cisco - Official Photo

FC Degree - Kyle Cisco - Kenton Pose

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