Kenton Passes Valan Primus to Fellowcraft in a Rare Tuesday Night Degree Conferral

Posted on October 24, 2018

As many Kenton Brothers know, Tuesday nights are reserved for the lodge’s “Tuesdays at Ironblood’s,” a weekly informal gathering where brothers share a hearty home cooked meal, cigars, and libations over lively discussions.

However, last night proved to be different in Kenton’s usual weekly schedule of gatherings and meetings as they attempted and successfully passed Brother Valan Primus to the Fellowcraft Degree.

While the attendance was “bare bones” and was only attended by a few non-officer members in addition to the appointed cast, it certainly proved that Kenton can now organize and successfully perform a degree “on the fly” with its own regular roster of officers and without much hassle.

Among the Attendees were Brother Matthew Wynn from John Jay Lodge no. 653 under the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of New York, Brother Mike Milford, and Worshipful Brother Emanuel Rose.

Brother Valan Primus, who was initiated during the lodge’s “Entered Apprentice Degree Month” last August, gave an impressive Entered Apprentice Proficiency prior to his passing to Fellowcraft. He will be followed by another Fellowcraft Degree this Thursday with Brother Justin Brandt as candidate.


FC Degree - Valan Primus - Official Pose

FC Degree - Valan Primus - Kenton Pose

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