Kenton Performs Courtesy Master Mason Degree for Molalla Lodge No. 178

Posted on January 27, 2023

The Master Mason degree is the highest degree in our fraternity and is a powerful and meaningful experience for those who participate in it. Last night, we had the privilege of performing a Master Mason degree as a courtesy for Molalla Lodge No. 178, who brought their candidate to be raised in the Kenton Masonic Temple.

  • Brother Fellowcraft Jay Brush

Brother Brush was accompanied by the following Brothers from his Lodge:

  • WB Jim Cooksey, Worshipful Master¬†
  • WB Ted Huber, Junior Warden, Grand Standard Bearer
  • WB Grant Sharp, Chaplin
  • WB Martin Grieve, Senior Steward
  • Brother John Russel, Junior Steward
  • Brother Trent Beaver

Also present were WB John Fitzgerald, Junior Deacon of North Bank Lodge No. 182 F. & A.M. and WB Christian Garret, Worshipful Master of Cottage Grove Lodge No. 51 and Deputy Director of Units for Al Kader Shrine.

This marks the second time, since the beginning of the Masonic year, that our lodge has performed a Master Mason degree as a courtesy. It is a testament to the strength of the fraternity and the importance of brotherhood among Lodges. By joining and working together, we are able to provide the best possible experience for our candidates and ensure the continued growth of the Craft at large.

The ceremony was performed with great care and precision, and Brother Brush was given a true understanding of the significance of the Master Mason degree. He was surrounded by brothers from both lodges, and the atmosphere was that of reverence & mystery. The Master Mason degree is a powerful symbol of the spiritual journey that we all take in our lifetime. It represents the journey from darkness to light, from ignorance to wisdom, and from mortality to immortality.

Multiple Brothers from Kenton were performing their roles in the degree for the first time and they did so admirably. The experience was an inspiration to all those who participated and a testament to the power of the Master Mason degree.

With the work of the evening completed the Brethren joined together in fellowship and shared stories over drinks and cigars into the early morning. The Brothers of Kenton are so grateful to their Brothers from Molalla for making the trek up to Portland. Spending time with brothers from a different lodge is a unique experience as it allows us to gain a deeper understanding of our shared beliefs and values.

Photos:MM Degree - Patrick Brush - Official PoseMM Degree - Patrick Brush - Kenton Pose

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