Kenton Restarts Master Mason Degree Marathon with Doug Kirkbride’s Raising

Posted on September 18, 2022

Fresh off the heels of a very successful September stated meeting, the brothers at Kenton raised Brother Doug Kirkbride to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason last Thursday in a ceremony that saw WB Ryan Neal, Past Master of Washington Lodge no. 46 taking an honorary part of the evening’s second section.

Despite several brothers being unavailable for the degree for a variety of reasons, Kenton still conferred the degree in true to Kenton fashion, with WB Ian Cawley, past master and current Grand Organist of the Grand Lodge of Oregon, conferring the first section of the evening.

WB Dale Palileo delivered the lecture while WB Jim Emery gave the charge, with WM Pro-Temporè Blake Presswood delivering the Grand Lodge charges to round out the evening.

Passed to the Fellowcraft Degree at the end of 2019, Brother Kirkbride’s raising has been marred by the pandemic as well as several cancellations due to a series of unfortunate events. His raising signals the lodge’s return to full form and starts off the lodge’s marathon of Master Mason degrees scheduled for the month of September, with Brothers Derek Shaw and Alex Hanna rounding out the events of the month respectively.


MM Degree - Douglas Kirkbride - Official Pose

MM Degree - Douglas Kirkbride - Kenton Pose

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