Kenton Starts Off 2020 with Entered Apprentice Proficiency Examination

Posted on January 6, 2020

First Thursdays of the month are usually a busy time for the officers and trustees of the lodge, and more so when it’s right off the heels of New Year’s Day.

Such was the first Thursday at Kenton Temple last week especially due to the fact that WB Ian Cawley decided to test Brother Entered Apprentice Kyle Cisco on his proficiency in the lecture.

This impromptu work was made possible by Worshipful Brothers Dale Palileo and Jim Emery, honored Brothers Ryan Whittenburg, Michael Lell, Matt Richardson and Manase Salema. Cornerstone 157 member Brother Matt Harrah was in the sidelines to witness Brother Cisco’s delivery of the proficiency. As expected, Wb Cawley declared Brother Cisco proficient and is now scheduled to receive his Fellowcraft Degree sometime in February.

Afterwards, WB Cawley conducted his first officers meeting with an agenda full of numerous plans and changes for this year. One such change is the implementation of a monthly automatic dues payment feature and a dues increase to $180.00 from $145.00.

The trustees also held their regular meeting discussing several important items appertaining to the management of the building.

To end the evening’s series of meetings, the executive committee also met to hammer down the lodge and trustees budgets for 2020. A final draft is expected to be presented to the brethren sometime before next week’s stated meeting.

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