Kenton Starts off September with an Entered Apprentice Degree

Posted on September 20, 2018

Kenton seems to be on a proverbial roll in conferring Entered Apprentice Degrees lately, and this week was certainly no different from the last three that were conferred last month. As the lodge conferred the degree for Brothers Wickless, Primus and Nweze last August, this time it conferred it on Mr. Matthew Thomas, one of the three petitions that was favorable balloted on during the lodge’s August stated meeting.

The degree was attended not only by the lodge’s Entered Apprentices, Fellowcrafts, Master Masons and the usual corps of officers but also by visiting brethren from Prince Hall and Louisiana, specifically Brothers Dee Truong and Robert Sanders, respectively.

Brother Thomas’ degree marks the last Entered Apprentice Degree for the year as the lodge moves forward with Fellowcraft and Master Mason degrees, starting off with Brother Manase Salema’s Master Mason Degree scheduled for next week.


EA Degree - Matt Thomas - Official Pose

EA Degree - Matt Thomas - Kenton Pose

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