Kenton Successfully Completes “Entered Apprentice Degree” Month by Initiating Nedu Nweze

Posted on August 31, 2018

It is often said that the Entered Apprentice Degree–or any of the three degrees of Freemasonry for that matter–breeds more questions than it answers, and this was most certainly true for Brother Nedu Nweze after his initiation this Thursday, August 30th.

Brothers who were present during Brother Nweze’s investigation forum can certainly attest to this, and most certainly those who witnessed his initiation.

And speaking of initiation, the Kenton Entered Apprentice Degree cast was most certainly true to form last Thursday, not because it was perfect, but because of how gracefully the degree team handled minor mistakes that could have potentially made the entire experience for Brother Nweze less than perfect.

Brother Nweze’s initiation marks the third and final degree of Kenton’s August Entered Apprentice Degree month. As September draws near, the lodge looks forward to Mr. Matt Thomas’ Entered Apprentice Degree and Brother Fellowcraft Manase Salema’s Master Mason Degree.


EA Degree - Nedu Nweze - Official Pose

EA Degree - Nedu Nweze - Kenton Pose

1 Reply to "Kenton Successfully Completes "Entered Apprentice Degree" Month by Initiating Nedu Nweze"

  • Dave Coffing
    September 6, 2018 (8:33 pm)

    Congratulations Brethren of Kenton Lodge and welcome Brother Nweze!!

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