Kenton Visits Sandy Lodge no. 158; Continues Grand Master Series with MWB Jim Mendoza Talk

Posted on May 11, 2019

Lodge visitations have always been a longstanding tradition in Freemasonry. It gives brothers an opportunity to learn from each other, to enjoy a few moments of festive camaraderie, and opens up possibilities for cooperation and mutual assistance. In most visitations, visiting lodges will usually request a “traveling gavel” to take back to their home lodge. This tradition is meant to encourage the host lodge to pay a visit in kind to the visiting lodge for the same opportunities and of course, to retrieve their own gavel.

There are many variations of unwritten rules that pertain to requesting a gavel, but the most recognized can simply be summed up as this: The visiting lodge must have at least five Master Masons in attendance and none of them should be dual members of both the visiting and the host lodges.

Some jurisdictions require that the Worshipful Master or one of the wardens of the visiting lodge be in attendance while others do not differentiate from Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft or Master Mason visitors; they simply need to be members of the visiting lodge.

This longstanding tradition was certainly one of the highlights of the lodge’s activities this week.

On Monday, the lodge’s contingent of brothers led by WB Joseph Piazza visited Sandy Lodge no. 158 as part of a series of visitations that have been planned by Brother Hunter Bronson and the visitation committee. In addition to obtaining Sandy Lodge’s traveling gavel, the lodge also witnessed the presentation of Kenton-raised Brother Adam Triplett’s Life Membership Certificate by WB John Kirk, current Worshipful Master of the lodge. The lodge also shared a sumptuous meal prepared by another Kenton-raised member Brother Deryk Moore, who currently serves as Sandy Lodge’s Junior Warden.

The lodge also hosted a contingent of brothers from Milwaukie Lodge no. 109 led by their Worshipful Master, WB Matt Wand during its stated meeting las Thursday. Their visitation was in response to Kenton Lodge’s visitation to their lodge earlier this year.

Perhaps the primary highlight of the lodge’s week was MWB Jim Mendoza, Past Grandmaster of Masons in Washington, who gave a presentation on what we as the current generation of Masons can do to successfully pass the torch to the next generation of Masons in the coming years. His presentation was part of the lodge’s Grand Master series of talks and presentations that was preceded by presentations from MWB Art Borland and MWB Russ Charvonia, Past Grandmasters of Masons in Oregon and California, respectively.

Prior to the lodge opening for its monthly stated meeting, the brethren in attendance were treated to a delicious meal prepared by the lodge’s culinary team led by honored Brother Valan Primus, the lodge’s Junior Steward.

Also of worthy note was the presence of brother Mike Milford who was visiting Kenton after moving to Florida last year.


Sandy Lodge no. 158 Official VisitationKenton visits Sandy Lodge no. 158


May Stated Meeting - Official Pose

May Stated Meeting - Kenton Pose

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