Kenton Visits Union Lodge no. 3; Assists in Double Master Mason Degree

Posted on December 23, 2022

Last Saturday, several visited Union Lodge no. 3 in McMinnville to assist in raising two brothers to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason.

The event was made special due to the fact that one of the candidates was current Union Lodge no. 3 WM Johnny Edwards’ son.

To mark this special double Master Mason Degree, several Grand Lodge officers and Past Grand Masters were in attendance to assist or witness the Degree:

  • MWB Greg Jenkins, PGM
  • MWB Hunt Compton, PGM
  • WB Michael Robinson, Grand Chaplain
  • WB Dale Palileo, Grand Orator
  • WB Johnny Edwards, Grand Historian
  • WB Ken Anderson, Grand Pursuivant

Kenton brothers Manase Salema, Zack Andrew and Michael Milford also assisted in several capacities during the second section of each degree.

After the ceremonies, WB Johnny Edwards presented the brothers of Kenton with a gavel to mark their visit and their assistance. The gavel is the 9th that Kenton has acquired during its various lodge visits throughout the year.


Visit to Union Lodge no 3 - Grand Lodge Officers

Visit to Union Lodge no 3 - Gavel

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