Logan Stark: Kenton’s first Entered Apprentice Degree for the year

Posted on January 30, 2017

Last Thursday, Kenton performed its first conferral of the year by initiating Mr. Logan Stark as an Entered Apprentice Mason. The degree was attended by brothers coming from as far as Roseburg, Oregon. Coincidentally, all four visiting brothers were Past Masters of various lodges:

  • WB Will Burge III – Aurora Lodge no. 59
  • WB Hunt Ramsey – Florence Lodge no. 107
  • WB Jim Hofbauer – Central Arizona Lodge no. 14 (F. & A.M. of Arizona)
  • WB Josh Bush – Tigard-Orenomah Lodge no. 207

The degree was wholly performed by the lodge’s new set of officers, with the exception of the Charge, which was delivered by WB Burge as a gesture of congratulations to the lodge’s newest member. BEA Stark started his application process last September with the assistance and guidance of WB Burge; his degree is the start of the lodge’s series of Entered Apprentice Degrees that are expected to be performed between January and February.


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  • Will Burge
    January 7, 2018 (6:10 am)

    it was a great night thank you Brethern for the hospitality!

    WB Will Burge III

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